Best affordable Danbury wedding photographer
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Best affordable Danbury wedding photographer

Best wedding photographer in Danbury - this is what this bride and groom said about me after their wedding. They left me a beautiful review as they were very happy with their photos.

For this picture, they were a little shy at first. This was their first photo shoot and they were not completely comfortable in front of the camera. Their wedding and this session took place at the Binney Park in Greenwich in Connecticut. I noticed there are many allies in the park and different paths they could walk on while I would take their photos. I told them to walk away from me and forget I was there. It worked. I always use this trick to get my couples comfortable and act naturally. I don't try to force posed shots because they would never look real and my clients would not like their photos. I really liked how all of the sudden they kissed and I love how the bride lifted her right foot at the same time, this made the photo more interesting to look at. I love photos with movement in them. Just a kiss would be a little boring but the fact they were both walking and kissing is what made it interesting.

Location: 214 Candlewood Mountain Rd, New Milford, CT 06776.