Affordable wedding photographer in New Haven, CT
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Affordable wedding photographer in New Haven, CT

For this wedding I was only hired for 5 hours. I try to fit every budget, and especially with weddings that are off season, I do offer shorter contracts for only 5 hours. This is why there were no getting ready portraits and the family portraits only took a few minutes. We took them at the hotel hallway. During the reception, the bride asked me to take some ring shots. This was not a perfect place to take these as the reception hall was very small and dark but thanks to my off camera flash, I was able to take a shot like this. I put the ring in a champagne glass and lit it from behind. The flash was pretty strong but it lit all the important parts of the subject - the front of the ring. This was my first ring shot in a champagne glass and I was quite happy with the result. I brought my macro lens with me to the event and I was glad I did. It would be much harder to take this kind of shot with a different lens. I had to shoot very close so only macro lens was able to focus well. New Haven, CT is one of my favorite cities to travel for weddings. I must admit some of my favorite shots, like this one, were taken in one of New Haven venues. 

Location: 450 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven, CT 06512.