CT wedding photographer in Stamford and New Haven
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CT wedding photographer in Stamford and New Haven

CT Wedding photographer in Stamford

This image was taken in a center of town. Photo sessions in downtowns of larger cities are often interesting and different. Many couples who get married in Connecticut often choose venues that are located in beautiful country sides with gorgeous plants and greenery. If weather permits, bridal portraits typically take place in parks or on the wedding venues premises. 

Fine art fashion inspired wedding photography

As an artist, I was always inspired by modern photojournalism but also fashion. I try to incorporate both in my artistic vision on a wedding day. The image above shows couple talking to each other and it was taken in an urban setting. He casually took off his jacket and hang it on his back while holding his wife to be with his right hand. She is holding flowers in her right hand and looking at him. I love this image because it was shows their natural feelings towards each other. It is romantic and full of emotion between these two people in love. It is obvious that these two feel love towards each other and it is conveyed via their body language. 

Wedding photography locations in CT

My clients typically choose locations that are convenient to the place the ceremony takes place. Typically they choose the location based on the distance to the reception hall, or it is in the reception area itself. This couple was willing to go out on the street of the city because they were interested in some urban shots. 

Wedding photographer in Stamford, New Haven and Norwalk

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