rustic wedding couple photographer candlelight farms
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rustic wedding couple photographer candlelight farms

Last spring I photographed this beautiful rustic or country wedding in New Milford, CT in a venue called Candlelight Farms Inn. I really enjoyed working with this bride and groom as they were full of energy that day and were very excited to have their photos taken.

As a wedding photographer I am frequently asked by my brides "how do you get my fiancee to smile, he never smiles". It is sometimes tricky to get someone that is naturally shy or reserved to all of the sudden act naturally in front of the photographer they met for the first time. It typically takes a few minutes but  I have a few tips that have worked for me in the past. 

Here's what I do. I typically step back and use a lens that I can zoom the couple in so that I am not right in front of their faces. This really helps the bride and groom to feel relaxed and gives them some space.

I ask them to interact with each other, talk, laugh, tell each other jokes, etc. I watch for that perfect moment where I can see they are both being just themselves and then I take the photo. I have never had a couple that these couple of tips did not work. Somehow all my brides and grooms end up being more natural in front of the camera, even if they just started off shy. 

Location: 214 Candlewood Mountain Rd, New Milford, CT 06776.