top wedding photographer in new haven and danbury ct
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top wedding photographer in new haven and danbury ct

When I was hired to photograph this wedding, I traveled to New Haven from Danbury not knowing that I would soon fall in love with this profession so much. I absolutely love shooting weddings. This one was a very small ceremony with mostly just family and close friends. 

It was a very hot day with full sun so we found some shade in the park to hide from the strong sunlight. I asked the bride to stand behind the groom and with him backwards, I photographed her smiling at directly at the camera.  The bride was slightly taller than the groom and I wanted to give the variety of images including this one which, with the groom standing right in front of the camera, make him look slightly taller. The couple were very pleased with this shot and it was one of the images they chose for their wedding album. 

Sometimes it is hard to capture natural emotions of the bride and groom but I try to have a friendly conversation with the at first and also tell them to tell each other jokes and laugh. I feel like this kind of interaction within first 10 to 15 minutes really helps the couple to forget they are being photographed and just act the way they really are. 

Location: 450 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven, CT 06512.