Wedding photographer in New Milford. Vintage wedding CT
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Wedding photographer in New Milford. Vintage wedding CT

When I photographed this wedding in New Milford, CT, I went there much earlier than expected to look around the area. The wedding venue, Candlelight Farms Inn is a country or rustic style venue that is located in the country. The property has many beautiful areas to take photos, I was able to capture the wedding ceremony as well as family formals and the clients really loved their images. 

I love to use a long lens and blur the background but sometimes blurred background is not needed to achieve a beautiful photo. I know that looking at my portfolio you will find many images with blurred background, I love separating my subjects from the background and eliminating distractions. However, when I see a house like this, I want to capture the beauty of the house itself. I asked the bride and groom to stand where the door was and stand facing each other. I then asked them to start interacting with each other and whisper something back and forth. I loved the result. They quickly forgot I was there and I was shooting away :) In post processing, I was able to enhance the vintage feel to it and this image was one of my clients' favorites. 

Location: 214 Candlewood Mountain Rd, New Milford, CT 06776,.