Wedding photographer in Stamford, Ct. Outdoor ceremony.
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Wedding photographer in Stamford, Ct. Outdoor ceremony.

I photographed this wedding in Stamford, Ct. This image represents one of my favorite shots that I always try to get during each wedding. A spontaneous kiss like this is not always easy to get. I have to wait for the right moment so I need to be alert and watch the couple interacting with each other. I typically use my long lens and step back, this way the couple forgets sometimes that I am even there. In the photo here, the bride and groom all of the sudden looked at each other and kissed. I had to make sure I was ready when that happened because the thing about spontaneous kisses is that, even though they are beautiful and romantic, they are very short so it is very easy to miss them. I am always trying to have my camera ready for these though so I haven't had a case that I would miss it. 

The groom is wearing a bow tie in this image and the bride is wearing a head piece. It was spring and the groom was wearing a nice light blue jacket. 

I positioned them in front of me with sun behind them. This way I was able to catch some sun flare which added a nice accent to the whole image. 

Location: 99 Broad Street, Stamford, CT.