a healthy wrap with turkey, greens and cheese made with whole grain tortilla wrap
fresh tacos with chicken, vegetables and herbs on a wooden board
chunks of cheese with sundried tomatoes, herbs and spices
white cabbage cole slaw in white bowl
sun dried tomatoes in glass jar
corn on white background
string beans in a bowl
stuffed olives
opened can of fish with a fork
egg salad sandwich made with white bread
small pieces of brownies on white plate
a small amount of flour on wooden board
macaroni and cheese in a white cup
red quinoa spilled on white background

Food photographer in Fairfield County in Connecticut 

My photography passion started years ago with photographing food. I became a full time contributor to stock agencies such as Shutterstock, Adobe Fotolia, Depositphotos, Bigstock, 123RF and Dreamstime. My commercial work has been featured in many magazines and advertisements all over the world. I love to see my images on many different websites.

Photographing food is not simply taking a photo of the food in front of you. It requires advanced lighting knowledge as well as ability to style it so it looks good to the viewer. Most of my food images were been taken with artificial lighting but they look like they were taken during bright daylight. I am able to photograph food any time of the day. I love to use 100mm macro or 50mm lenses. I use one external light with a diffuser. 

Most of my work today is photographing weddings but I am still passionate about photographing food as much as I was years ago.

If you would like to inquire about my current rates or discuss your food photography project feel free to give me a call at (203) 525-5582