stuffed olives
egg salad sandwich made with white bread
homemade fresh squeezed apple juice
different colored fresh picked assorted carrots and parsnips on wooden background
chopped cantaloupe in a bowl
raw organic almonds with almond butter at the background
a bowl of rice cooked in chicken stock
original mexican quesadilla on white plate
peanut butter in glass jar on blue background
various nuts and seeds on wooden background
mashed red potatoes
apple spinach smothie
Two meat tacos with black beans garnished with cilantro
homemade pita chips on white paper with yogurt sauce
homemade banana and frozen strawberry smoothie
homemade chicken noodle soup
cooked fish with parsley servied with asparagus and baby potatoes on white plate
homemade breaded cutlet in tomato sauce and melted cheese over spagetti
shrimp in wine tomato sauce over spaghetti pasta
lemons on textured background
fruit salad in martini glasses
Italian macaroni salad with tomatoes and fresh basil
Brown muffin on a table
fresh tacos with chicken, vegetables and herbs on a wooden board
a stack of flat pita breads
lunch box consisting of a wrap with ham and cheese, apples, grapes and sliced cucumber
white rice spilled on white background
a healthy wrap with turkey, greens and cheese made with whole grain tortilla wrap
white cabbage cole slaw in white bowl
small pieces of brownies on white plate
isolated uncoked spagetti
bunch of fresh ripe asparagus
baby potatoes with dill
romaine lettuce
chopped honeydew melon
store bought meat sausages in packaging
oven roasted potatoes
sliced turkey meatloaf
words SALT handwritten on salt
a glass of fresh homemade frozen raspberries and banana smoothie
opened can of tomato paste
Sweet and sour chicken with rice
mustard on wooden background
raw peanuts in glass jar
a bowl of fresh mixed green salad on metal textured background
ripe organic colorful mini tomatoes
salad dressing in a glass container on light wooden background
A bottle with maple syrup
different colored fresh picked assorted carrots and parsnips isolated on white background
uncooked couscous scattered on white background
close up of a salad with apples, crumbled cheese and dressing
sandwich with mayonaisse, turkey, cheese and fresh spinach
fresh tacos with chicken, vegetables and herbs on a wooden board
sun dried tomatoes in glass jar
opened can of fish with a fork
a small amount of flour on wooden board
three homemade soft tacos with ground meat, avocados, cilantro and rice
colorful lollipops
uroasted buckwheat groats in a glass jar
fresh dill
diced onion
words TOO MUCH SALT handwritten on salt
uncooked chopped sausages in baking dish
salad with apples and walnuts on rustic wooden background
cheese rolled up on white plate
sandwich with ham, cheese and lettuce
rice cake with cream cheese and avocado
homemade egg salad
oven cooked sausages with tomatos, garlic and italian herbs
homemade breakfast smoothie ingredients in a blender cup
fresh homemade baked apple crisp
grilled cheese sandwich
mayonnaise in glass jar
green peas in white bowl
Italian macaroni salad with tomatoes and fresh basil
a stack of flat pita breads
fresh apricots in a bowl
green smoothie in a glass jar with lid and a straw
A top view of a large pancake
green onions on white background
baked bacon strips on foil on cooking sheet
turkey sandwich in a plastic bag with apple isolated on white background
chunks of cheese with sundried tomatoes, herbs and spices
corn on white background
macaroni and cheese in a white cup
Colorful round sprinkles spilled on white background, isolated
white flour
pile of dry green tea leaves
orange or apricot jam with bread
diced tomatoes, shallow depth of field
three whole onions on chopping board
green onions isolated on wooden background
uncooked chicken drumsticks
broccoli slaw with shredded carrots
a cup of coffee with wheap cream
uroasted buckwheat groats in a glass jar
homemade egg salad
a bunch of fresh picked carrots on wooden background
uncooked penne isolated on white background
a bowl of shrimp scampi
homemade apple crisp
raw baby potatos
sandwich with roast beef, cheese, mustard and lettuce on whole wheat italian bread
chia seeds in glass container
fresh lettuce leaves on textured background
sandwich wrap or tortilla
Red cherries in a white bowl
fresh guacamole - chopped avocado with onion, cilantro and lime juice, salt and pepper
slices of fresh homemade bruschetta on a white paper
a plate with meatballs made with ground white meat, ham, cheese and parsley served with roasted vegetables and white wine sauce
mushroom spinach quesadilla cut into pieces and arranged on white plate, overhead shot
mashed potatoes arranged in a white bowl
string beans in a bowl
red quinoa spilled on white background
pears on white background
green smoothie, ingredients include bananas, fresh kale and almonds
assorted dry tea leaves